Welcome to the Outcome-Centric Selling® Academy

A refreshingly effective new approach to mastering today's complex B2B sales environments

Why Outcome-Centric Selling®?

Because today's well-informed, results-orientated B2B customers are far less concerned about your products or your so-called "solutions" than they are in ensuring that they actually achieve their desired business outcomes.

  • Equipping, enabling and encouraging B2B salespeople to uncover, influence and achieve their customer's most valuable business outcomes

  • Available as a suite of self-paced on-demand training modules, or as instructor-led live on-line or on-site training

  • Every module is supported by simple self-reinforcing sales tools that make it easy to put the principles into practice on a day-to-day basis

Ongoing Reinforcement

Ensuring that the concepts that are trained are actually applied on a day-to-day basis

  • Customisable Toolkit

    Every key concept is supported by simple, customisable sales tools that are designed to make it easy to put the principles into practice

  • Live Workshops

    Reinforce self-paced courses through live instructor-led on-line or on-site workshops to make sure the ideas are understood and applied

  • Personal Action Plans

    Every participant is encouraged to come up with a personal action plan that summarises what they intend to change as a result of taking the course


9 self-paced courses - a total of 40 modules and over 14 hours of video, reinforced by a full set of customisable sales tools designed to help you adopt these best practices in your day-to-day selling activities

Courses include downloadable links to the fully customisable  Outcome-Centric Selling® Toolkit

Download the full syllabus

Your Instructor

Chief Outcomes Officer Bob Apollo

Bob is the founder and Chief Outcomes Officer of Inflexion-Point Strategy Partners Limited, the creators of the Outcome-Centric Selling® System. Following a successful career spanning start-ups, scale-ups and established corporates, Bob now works as a guide and mentor to ambitious B2B-focused, technology-based businesses who are seeking to implement a systematic yet adaptable approach to revenue growth.

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